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We, As VTO EUS – United States Vietnam; EV VTO Brand & EVTO Trademark The Manufacturer, Distributor, Supplier, Importer of Dealership EVs Asian, Electric Vehicle for Southeast Asia Pacific market, are pleased to submit hereunto our Letter of Intent (LOI) for your Company VTO USA INC will being Authorized Distribution or Deferred Import Export from EM VTO VIET NAM, Spare Parts, Solar Panel Battery for Assembly, Replacement for Vehicles Motors, EVTO, TESLA, JEEP, Electric Vehicle Cars; APPLE iPhones as in below; Please find attached in our electronic mail the following:

  1. The Photos of the Material spec.
  2. The Documents report, Material resource.      

Once you conformed, EM VTO INVESTMENT XNK CO. LTD. will directly offer you officially the Documents for submitting our Company Profile, Payment Orders, Official Offer, Proforma Invoice, Authorization Contract, from the Vietnam Head Office Operation and Kindly revert by sending your Company Registration in United States Owner or Authorized Signatory of the Authorization Contract.


ARTICLE 1: General Provisions

The Reseller accepts to act as a representative for JEEP Automobiles, APPLE Spare Parts investing with projects to open construction productions, distributions, overseas carriers, seaports, reclamations, housing and foods, electricity, environment social security and markets as professional consultant, manufacturer, supply chains on material production import export, trading for The Owner on building or exported products of Vietnam Vehicle Resource, and other supporting services for commercial related to international purchasing, selling, import export. Be operated by The Owner, enclosed with a detailed list of attached goods (if any).

The Reseller would have been preparing for APPLE and JEEP Spare Parts equipments distribution itself with manpower, transpotation, roading, pipelines, facilities, sections of storages, tanks, setting plants, business locations, planning vessels and shipping, trucking, warehouses, and take full responsibility for all goods, employees and services from The Reseller has assigned in the exploitation, investment of services for purchasing, import export. The Reseller guarantees to strictly comply with the measures to preserve, store and retain the quality of goods and services as provided by The Owner, until it is delivered to buyer, the consumer or a third party. The Owner does not accept returns of goods for any reason (except in the case of product errors).


ARTICLE 2: Method of Delivery

The Reseller will arrange the first shipment to The Owner at Cai Mep Port after 05 (five) years from the date the two parties sign this Authorization (Sales) Contract and from the time The Reseller receives 100% T/T upfront payment according to the Contract value from The Owner.

Time for delivery of the first shipment on …/…/2026. The next deliveries will be agreed by both parties and agreed on the delivery schedule, The Owner will notify The Reseller 10 days in advance each month.

After shipment, within 24 hours, The Owner would inform to The Reseller condition of commodity, contract number, quantity, weight, invoice value, name of carrying vessel, loading port, number of Bill of Lading, date of shipment.

The Owner accepts to authorize to The Reseller for distribution with deferred import on delivers goods or transports to The Reseller's port and warehouse or at a convenient place designated by The Reseller (according to each specific business, purchase and delivery contract). The Reseller orders or informs the order with specific quantities and types of products according to the detailed list, mail, fax, contract or other documents that have been officially confirmed.

The actual quantity of goods, employees, distribution of services, purchasing import export means provided by The Reseller to The Owner may be different from the order if The Reseller finds that the order is not reasonable. Then the two parties must agree on the volume and time provided.


ARTICLE 3: Claim & Arbitration

The Reseller as the ability for processing the inspection of goods before shipment and to bear all expenses occured. In the case of loss or damage after goods landed at port of arrival all by The Owner shall be made claim for quantity must be presented two months after arrival of goods at Cai Mep Port, claim for quality within three months after the goods at Cai Mep Port, and shall be confirmed in writing together with survey report of the goods inspection office of the VCCI Vietnam or SGS Vietnam. The survey report of VCCI Vietnam or SGS Vietnam should be regards as final.

In the course of execution of this contract all disputes not reaching an amicable agreement shall be settle by the Vietnam Foreign Trade Arbitration Committee attached to the Chamber of Commerce of S.R. Vietnam if The Owner is the depending to The Reseller vise-versa, whose decision shall be accepted as final the both parties.

The Reseller will being made deferred payment to The Owner maximum unlimited: The Reseller may owe a maximum amount as follow agreement by both parties including the value of distribution of services, purchasing import export orders plus the value of new orders. The Reseller only do distribution of services, purchasing import export goods and employees after The Owner has made payments to The Reseller so that the total outstanding debt and new order value are within the limited debt level.

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